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    In Descent Into Chaos: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Threat to Global Security Ahmed Rashid explores the most volatile and dangerous region in the world.

    The war on terror is being lost – but not just in Iraq. As this devastating book shows, the real crisis zone now lies in central Asia. Veteran reporter Ahmed Rashid has unparalleled access to the region and knows its leading players, from presidents to warlords. Here he documents how closely Pakistan’s US-backed regime is linked with extremists; how broken promises in Afghanistan have led to a resurgent Taliban fed by drugs money; and how the largest landmass in the world is now a breeding ground for terrorism.

    In this story of squandered opportunities, misguided alliances and double-dealing, Rashid pinpoints with chilling accuracy where the true threat to our global security comes from.

    ‘Compulsively readable’
    Justin Marozzi, Evening Standard

    Profound and lively … it reads like a thriller … graphic, detailed and worrying’
    Michael Fathers, New Statesman

    ‘Gripping … a major contribution to understanding the region and the events of recent years … thought-provoking and important’
    Jason Burke, Observer

    ‘His knowledge of events and people there is second to none and the information he has gathered, often at great personal risk, makes alarming reading’
    Kim Sengupta, Independent

    ‘A superbly researched account of post-9/11 Asia … outstanding’
    Sameer Rahim, Daily Telegraph


    An urgent, on-the-ground report from Pakistan–from the bestselling author of “Descent” “Into Chaos” and “Taliban” Ahmed Rashid, one of the world’s leading experts on the social and political situations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, offers a highly anticipated update on the possibilities and hazards–facing the United States after the death of Osama bin Laden and as Operation Enduring Freedom winds down. With the characteristic professionalism that has made him the preeminent independent journalist in Pakistan for three decades, Rashid asks the important questions and delivers informed insights about the future of U.S. relations with the troubled region. His most urgent book to date, “Pakistan on the Brink” is the third volume in a comprehensive series that is a call to action to our nation’s leaders and an exposition of this conflict’s impact on the security of the world.


    NoThe classic account of America s experience in Afghanistan, explaining the rise of the Taliban in the aftermath of America s failed war on terrorism–essential reading to understand the collapse in Afghanistan today. “brilliant and passionate book.” The New York Review of Books A blistering critique of American policy–a dire and prescient warning predicting how our disastrous strategies in Central Asia s failing states threaten global stability and will bring devastation to our world. After September 11th, Ahmed Rashid s crucial book Taliban introduced American readers to that now notorious regime. In this work, he returns to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia to review the catastrophic aftermath of America s failed war on terror. Called “Pakistan s best and bravest reporter” by Christopher Hitchens, Rashid has shown himself to be a voice of reason amid the chaos of present-day Central Asia. The essential briefing book to understand today s catastrophic headlines.


    An essential examination of the roots of fundamentalist rage in Central Asia, from the acclaimed author of Taliban and Descent into Chaos. Ahmed Rashid, whose masterful account of Afghanistan s Taliban regime became required reading after September 11, turns his legendary skills as an investigative journalist to five adjacent Central Asian Republics Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan where religious repression, political corruption, and extreme poverty have created a fertile climate for militant Islam. Based on groundbreaking research and numerous interviews, Rashid explains the roots of fundamentalist rage in Central Asia, describes the goals and activities of its militant organizations, including Osama bin Laden s al-Qaeda, and suggests ways of neutralizing the threat and bringing stability to the troubled region. A timely and pertinent work, Jihad is essential reading for anyone who seeks to gain a better understanding of a region we overlook at our peril.


    Ahmed Rashid chronicles the history of a people, land. mountain and plain held hostage by relentless politics and uncaring- time. Razor sharp and near perfect. the poems present all intriguing poi-II-ail of the man who wrote them. Rashid’s poems arc as self-revelatory as they are distinctly humane, reflecting a purity Of spirit seldom visible in Pakistani English poetry. From unguarded moments of deeply explored self-reflection to commenting On the tragic inner and outer landscapes of the self, Rashid’s work lies at the intersection of literature and politics as he sketches vivid pictures or the terrified fearful child, the hopelessly bereft mother, the blood and words of love spilled over hostile rock and sand. Rashid’s work is evocative. powerful and a splendid read.”
    ISBN: 9789697834399
    Publisher: FOLIO BOOKS


    ISBN: 9789694025315
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS