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    An introduction to runoff agriculture – a form of agricultural irrigation – this text describes how the use of surface and subsurface water, often overlooked and wasted, enables both small farmers and commercial agriculturists to improve yields and the security of harvest, even in harsh and remote environments. The text introduces the techniques and strategies, as well as the challenges and the potential of the crucial approach, which can contribute so much to reducing land degradation and improving conversation and sustainability. Contents: Soil and water conservation • runoff harvesting and storage • ephemeral and variable streamflow -spate, wetlands and flood agriculture • indigenous runoff agriculture – challenges and breakdown • expanding, upgrading and rehabilitating runoff agriculture • the future for runoff agriculture. About the Author: Christopher Barrow is senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences and International Development, University of Wales, Swansea. He has been advisor and consultant to organizations such as the World Bank and is the author of a number of books. Target Audience: Agriculture scientists, researchers, students, Rural development agencies, agriculturists, environmentalists
    ISBN: 1853834955
    Publisher: EARTHSCAN