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    “Some word of explanation seems due when an unknown writer obtrudes a personal narrative on the public. My reason for writing this book was, that as the story of the development of the Gilgit Frontier, told in my letters and diaries, was read with interest by some who saw those papers, it seemed probable that its publication might give to those who have no chance of seeing the sort of life their countrymen lead on an uncivilised frontier, a faithful idea of what such an existence means. “ Colonel Algernon Durand

    The book is a plain and unvarnished tale of the experiences of a frontier officer in times of peace as well as in those of war. It was written under adverse circumstances, in the scanty hours of leisure snatched from- official work in India, and was written by the military secretary to the Viceroy of India.

    ISBN: 9694023122
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS