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    An allergy is a reaction to a harmless substance— harmless because the substance inducing an allergic reaction is perfectly harmless to people at large but even minute amounts can affect an allergy prone individual. These substances can be pollens of flowers. spores of fungi, house dust, eggs, fish, wheat, nickel, chromium, penicillin etc. —all harmless except to those who are allergic.

    Some of the commonly seen ailments among allergic patients are Asthma, Rashes, Cramps in the Abdomen, Diarrhoea, Contact Dermatitis, Anaphylactic reaction etc. However these and other allergy problems can be prevented and successfully managed. Knowledge of fundamental facts and correct approach are prime requisites for successful treatment of allergy problems. Based on results of latest research and advances in medical science, and the author’s ówn professional experience of treating allergy reaction, this books is a source in invaluable information to all who may have allergy problems in the family or amongst friends.

    In this comprehensive and readily understandable book, the author not only explains the medical nature of these problems but tells how a patient can learn what are causing the reactions. This book is a must for doctors, post-graduates and general practitioners. This book is useful also to patients of chronic asthma”.

    The Hindu
    ISBN: 8122200397


    ISBN: 8122200621