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    ‘Casey plunges into Pakistan like a knife, unearthing and unravelling the often unexplainable and unpredictable contradictions of a country on the edge. Pakistan just happens to be one of the most complex and difficult countries to describe, but Casey does a magnificent job. Casey’s prose sings, and his portraits are master class. A conjuror of images and sensations in an unpredictable land.’ Ahmed Rashid, author of Taliban.

    Ethan Casey explores what life is like in a Muslim country on the frontline of the US-declared ‘war on terror’ while living, working and teaching in Lahore, Pakistan. Drawing observations from the street, university classrooms and interviews with lawyers, journalists and politicians, Casey updates his understanding of the Pakistani experience and sets it within a context of recent and contemporary history. Revisiting a decade of ground-level reporting, he humanises domestic politics; attitudes towards the West and India; and the Kashmir and Afghanistan issues.

    Alive and Well in Pakistan is an engaging and well-informed literary reportage that demystifies the uneasy place that Pakistan occupies in an uncertain world.

    ‘Ethan Casey documents his travels in Pakistan, reflecting the moods of the historical moment in compelling prose. Like Conrad and Greene before him, he is, I suspect, out to travel dangerously.’ Norman Sherry, author of The Life of Graham Greene.
    ISBN: 9694024935
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS