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    Although a large body of the great poetry of the Islamic world has been translated into English, except for a few fragments the poetry of the Ismailis is still only accessible in the original.

    This anthology should enable lovers of devotional and mystical poetry to sample the great range and depth of Ismaili poetry. The selection spans 1000 years of Ismaili history, from the time of the Fatimid caliphate to the present day. It includes both sophisticated and popular verses from the Ismaili poets of Arabia, Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, India and Pakistan composed in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Burushaski and Urdu. In addition to the theme of divine love and the virtues of the prophet and the Imans, the poems present some of the central ideas of the Ismailis and their esoteric interpretation of Islam
    ISBN: 1850439079
    Publisher: I.B. TAURIS