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    A hundred years ago, when Hitler’s third reich was little more than a nebulous concept of nationhood based qn racial inequality and exclusion, perhaps no one might have thought that the name of the individual and his “empire” would come to be associated with the gravest notions of immorality, atrocity, and ruination, in the history of mankind.

    it is perhaps for this very reason that the fourth reich -in india, under hindutva- will never actually claim such a title for itself. This is little other than semantics, of course. Let there be no doubts at all,; irrespective of the name it might choose for itself, the fourth reich is alive and well, and growing ever more powerful, and polemical, with each passing day.

    it is, thus, high time we awakened ourselves to – and are outraged by – the unspeakable acts of cruelty in the name of religion that are transpiring in india under the watchful eye of the fourth reich, today. The absence of opprobrium and censure to what we are witnessing today, will only render us liable to be judged by those that will inevitably follow us, for maintaining the most damning sort of neutrality in this time of moral crisis. We will be judged by history.

    we must never allow that to happen.
    ISBN: 9789694026510
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS