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    Thousands of proven ideas for meeting attractive new people, romantic dating tips, and much more, 2002 Ways to Find, Attract, and Keep a Mate shows you how to meet, woo, and win over the person of your dreams.

    Take full responsibility for your social life
    Always look for ways to expand your circle of friends
    Singles are attracted to those who make them feel good about themselves
    Before you go on a date, make sure the clothes you are wearing fit properly
    Never tell a sexist joke
    Be modest-you want to shine, not show off
    Be sincere and natural
    Listen intently. You want to learn as much as you can, so you can decide if this is the right person for you.
    Ask lots of questions-but don’t interrogate.
    Too much “togetherness” can spoil even the best of romances

    Each of the 2002 books are filled with creative, zany, sometimes off-the-wall ideas for finding and wooing that special someone. These books make it fun-and easy-to be romantic.
    ISBN: 1580620817
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS

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