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    Originally this book project was launched to provide an insight into the mysterious world of the radical Taliban militia. But following 9/11 and the arrival of the International coalition against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the issue of Pakistan’s involvement with Afghanistan began to acquire significance, necessitating a slight shift of emphasis away from Kabul to Islamabad.

    Thus the book also tries to explain why Islamabad created “centres of resistance inside Afghanistan” through early proxies like Gulbadin Hikmatyar and Burhanuddin Rabbani and failed to make them stick; why it readily agreed to act as a conduit for the American-sponsored anti-Soviet-Russian jihad in the early 1980s; why differences between Afghanistan’s non-Pashtun communities and Pakistan degenerated into mutual hatred and distrust, particularly after Islamabad decided to back the Taliban regime to the hilt, in 1996.

    The book also attempts to highlight the impact on Pakistani Society of the nexus between Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and domestic religious outfits who drew the spiritual guidance from the Taliban and extended their tentacles into Kashmir with the aim of liberating it from India.

    ISBN: 9694023688
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS