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    A single-volume of Ancient History, delineating its various facets, both political and cultural and incorporating the fruits of recent researches that have abundantly appeared since 1950, has not been attempted before. Author has tried to write a clear and readable account of Ancient History and Civilization and one that embodies the results of recent historical scholarship. The book covers the Vedic age, the post-Vedic civilization, North India in the Sixth Century BC It also explains new religious movements, Maurya age, political disintegration and foreign invasions. The Gupta empire North India, Deccan, South India, India’s intercouse with the outside world, social and economic conditions, political, institutions, religion, language and literature, art and the architecture have been discussed in depth. Author has tried in maintaining a delicate balance between political history and social, economic and cultural history of ancient perod. It is hoped that this book will serve as text for Honours and Postgraduate students. Research students can also use it as a main source book.

    ISBN: 9694024390 – Hardback
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS
    ISBN: 0140510389
    Publisher: PENGUIN

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