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    This book traces the career trajectory of one of the most prominent figures in modern political Islam, against a background of cultural, political and economic upheaval in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. From Sayyid Hussein Fadlallah’s early intellectual development through his scholastic and political engagements, Jamal Sankari assesses the cleric’s impact on both the resistance group Hizbullah and on the region as a whole.

    Demonised by the West, and denounced by Muslim conservatives for his ‘moderation’ and ‘innovation’, Fadlallah was one of the first Islamic figures to condemn the events of 11 September while at the same time remaining amongst the harshest, most relentless critics of the US role in the Middle East.

    Fadlallah is regarded by many as the spiritual leader of Hizbullah. But his emergence as one of the world’s pre-eminent Islamists would have taken place even without Hizbullah; his insistence on cross-denominational dialogue across the Arab and Muslim world has inspired many followers and emulators. Sankari provides extensive insight into the enigmatic, mulit-faceted personality of this extraordinary religious-political leader.
    ISBN: 0863565964
    Publisher: SAQI BOOKS