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    In 1992 Professor K K Aziz published a compendium on Muslim and non-Muslim political, religious and cultural parties, organizations and movements which flourished in India between 1850 and 1947 under the title of “Public Life in Muslim India” (Vanguard Books, Lahore). The present Handbook now makes available to historians and research scholars a wealth of additional information on the same subject.

    In Volume One, Professor Aziz has collected all the historical demo-graphic data Of various religious groups, especially Muslims, relating to their sex, literacy rate, language, mother tongue, etc. He lists all the rulers in Indian history — from the Muslims (Ottoman Sultans, Mughuls Naw-abs, Nizams, Amirs) to the British (Monarchs, Prime Ministers, Secretar-ies of State, Chairmen of the East India Co, Governor Generals, Viceroys etc). He notes the Salutes and Warrants of procedure of the rulers of the native states and he lists all the Commissions and Committees of Inquiry during this period.

    In Volume Two, Professor Aziz lists all the White Papers, political and constitutional developments, elections, legislators, saints and shrines of Muslim India. He details the organs of the press and the share of various religious groups in public life and services. A useful glossary of words and phrases is added at the end of this 760 page Handbook.
    ISBN: D5838
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    This is a companion volume to Prof. Aziz’s ‘A History of the Idea of Pakistan’ and it reprints the documents he used for researching a part of the period he covered in his massive and penetrating earlier study. Apart from the historical value inherent in the 252 documents reproduced here, three further considerations have impelled him to compile this collection.

    Firstly, since every historian has the autonomy to interpret a document and every dishonest writer the freedom to distort or misconstrue it, the author feels obliged to put before his readers the material he used in writing his study to enable them to judge the authenticity of his sources.

    Secondly, if read consecutively and intelligently, this collection gives the reader an idea of the climate of opinion in which the concept of Pakistan evolved. Finally, the reproduction in full of these documents will put the record straight in cases where some or all historians and scholars have tampered with the original text.

    ISBN: 9694021200
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    Next to the methods and decrees of the British government, the most important part of our modem history is composed of the activities and functions of the parties and movements which the Muslims of India established from 1850 onwards.

    Their organization and attitudes, aims and objects, and policies and resolutions determined the political evolution of the subcontinent. And yet very little information has so far been available about them. Professor Aziz has prepared this compendium to fill this gap.

    After an extensive search among original sources and comparatively reliable secondary literature he has brought together in one volume all the basic data on the political parties, national movements, and cultural, religious, educational and literary societies, associations and other public bodies formed by the Muslims of India during British rule.

    Even minor and less known organizations and institutions have not been omitted.

    ISBN: 9694021197
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    ISBN: B3234 – Hardback
    Publisher: VINTAGE BOOKS
    ISBN: 9694024846
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    This is the first authoritative book on the phenomenon of piri-muridi in Pakistan. The author investigates the subject in the perspectives of history, religion. society, politics and economy. He asks vital questions about the nature. working and consequences of a principal aspect of folk religion and provides stimulating answers. The book breaks new ground in the study of an institution that is ruining the national economy, encouraging political corruption and dictatorship, defacing Islam and demoralizing society. Its great virtue lies in the fact it is a work of research as much as it is of analysis and reflection. Specifically. the author discusses the role of the pir, the roots and consequences of piri-muridi, the predicament of the situation and the straight and narrow path of the relationship. A list of some major sufis and thinkers, including the principal urses, is appended, including notes on the sufi saints of South Asia.
    ISBN: 9789694026275
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    In this final volume of his selected shorter works Professor AM recalls some prominent personalities whom he has intimately known or studied in the course of his research. In the first group, he pays his double tribute to Prof. Sirajuddin and his wife Urmila, recounts Chaudhri Zalarulla Khan’s services to Muslim India and Pakistan, thanks his two British friends, the Barratts, and brings out the genius of Professor Abdus Salam. In the second group, he recounts the achievements of Lord Wavell, Napoleon, Sayyid Ameer Ali, Jinnah, the Aga Khan, Shah Waliullah and lqbal. A critical essay on Rudyard Kipling assesses his place in the British imperial literature of India. A long well-researched paper on Jamaluddin “Afghani” explodes the many myths still surrounding the man. A trenchant lecture on Choudhri Rahmat Ali reminds us how Pakistani intellectuals, men of letters and historians continue to either ignore him or blacken his character. Every reader will find in this pot-pourri something to interest, move, fascinate, remind or instruct him. Men make history, literature and culture, and thus draw the contours of an age. This book presents a stimulating and fascinating biographical peep-show of past events and human affairs.
    ISBN: 9694023636
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    This second volume of Professor K. K. Aziz’s selected writings and addresses opens with a moving piece on the meaning of prayer. Then follow 3 lectures on culture: the way of life in medieval Muslim Deccan, the predicament of the Pakistani intellectual, and the departed glory of the Government College of Lahore. The 4 lectures on Islamic art explore its spiritual symbolism, religious significance and historical relevance. The section on literature mainly deals with the nature of poetry, the glory of love, John Keats, Oscar Wilde, Plato’s theory of poetry, and Anglo-Indian fiction. These pieces were written between 1948 and 2000 and show how the author’s mind has developed and his knowledge widened across the years. The outstanding quality of this collection is its freshness, regardless of the time when a particular item was composed. Aziz wrote well while still a student, and his mastery of words has kept pace with his growing years. His third and final collection, on remembering some great men. will be published shortly.
    ISBN: 9694023599
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    Vanguard Books has decided to bring out a selection of Professor K K Aziz’s scattered shorter writings in 3 volumes. This is the first to be published and consists of his lectures. Articles and papers on the themes of history and politics. Among the more significant of contents are pieces on Muslim India in British party politics. The All India Muslim Conference, the Indian Khilafat Movement, Mian Kafayet Ali’s (“A Punjabi’s”) scheme of 1939 which foreshadowed Pakistan with uncanny insight, Source Material on Pakistan’s History, Christianity and Imperialism, the Uses of History, and the State of Historical Scholarship in Pakistan. The volume concludes with some book reviews done for British academic journals. Aziz’s accomplishment lies the size of the canvas he paints and felicity with which he transmits his knowledge to the reader He writes without fear and is therefore worth reading. His second collection, the one on Culture, Art and Literature, will appear soon.
    ISBN: 9694023580
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    In Pakistani schools and colleges what is being taught as History is really national mythology, and the subjects of Social Studies and Pakistan Studies are nothing but vehicles of political indoctrination. Our children don’t learn History.

    They are ordered to read a carefully selected collection of falsehoods, fairy tales and plain lies. Why and how has this come about? Who is responsible for it? In what ways is this destroying the country? Why doesn’t anyone protest against it? In this book, the distinguished Pakistani historian K K Aziz asks and answers these questions for the first time, by making an in-depth study of 66 textbooks on these subjects currently in use in the schools and colleges of the country.

    He (1) lists their errors of fact, emphasis and interpretation, (2) enumerates their major omissions, (3) corrects their mistakes, (4) brings out the distortions they teach and perpetuate, (5) estimates their ravaging effects on the students, and (6) measures their impact on the nation at large.

    He does this with documented scholarship, meticulous care, deep understanding, acute concern, and rare courage.

    This is a stinging but fully deserved attack on the governments which order and prescribe these textbooks, the scholars and educationists who plan and approve them, the professors who write them, and the parents who accept them.

    The contents of this book should shake every general reader and throw every parent into a panic.

    ISBN: 969402126X
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    Most people have a vague idea that in the months leading to the 1971 breakup of Pakistan and during the savage military action in East Pakistan all the major world powers (except China, which couldn’t do anything) were severely critical of Pakistan’s policies and decisions. For the first time, this book chronicles and records this hostility precisely, punctiliously and extensively.

    For this purpose Professor Aziz has consulted an incredibly enormous range of source material: 152 newspapers and magazines, 155 journal articles, 133 books, and several unpublished radio and TV broadcast transcripts.

    The focus is on the United States, the United Kingdom and the USSR, with a brief look at the rest of the world. A detailed chapter de-scribes the making and implications of the lethal Indo-Soviet Treaty. The brief but explosive prologue is a novel and damaging expose of the unpardonable mistakes made by the All India Muslim League leadership between 1906 and 1947 which, irrevocably and inevitably, led to the creation of Bangladesh. This investigation is based on original and contemporary documents. To put the foreign comments in their context, the more relevant portions of the Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission Report are reproduced in an appendix.

    This book is a register of events, a narrative of public opinion and an account of how the world powers saw and judged the developments of 1970-71. It is a collection of stark and brutal facts and comments upon them. It is not a work of analysis or judgment because Pakistani scholars are denied the freedom of expression essential for that exercise.

    As most of the material used here is available in Pakistan but not all of it at one place anywhere, this volume is a valuable and indispensable source book for any study of the 1971 disaster.
    ISBN: 9789694023726
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS