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    Diata — an ancient Greek idea. Literally a way of living, a way of finding wholeness through healthy eating, exercise and relaxation. Walking Diet has evolved out of the ancient Greek philosophy of diata. It is a unique combination of nutritious, low fat, lean cuisine recipies and a complete diet + exercise plan designed not only to get rid of the extra kilos we tend to accumulate but to keep them off forever. Walking Diet is not about food and eating. It is not about exercising. Like diata, it means taking a holistic view of the food we eat and the exercise our bodies need, It means taking into account our current eating habits (a personal food and drink audit is strongly recommended), and including in our diet the necessary changes that will provide long term benefits required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking Diet will help you develop your own personal ‘diata’, to strike the balance and rhythm that is right for you. It is an idea we must all practice arid live with — today, tomorrow and the rest of our lives.
    ISBN: 8122202136


    Easier than aerobics, swimming or jogging, walking is the easiest and the most effective way to lose weight and become fit. The almost ‘forgotten art’ of walking is fast becoming the exercise of the times —and just about anyone can do it, young and old.
    ISBN: 8122201768