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    Agriculture in Pakistan has come a long way since 1947. Much has changed but it remains a dominant sector of the national economy. This book contains a critical analysis of the transformation process that agriculture has undergone in Pakistan. The analysis is based on a wealth of past and current data and an extensive review of literature. The book begins with a bird’s eye view of the changing role of agriculture in the national economy, its overall performance, and references to some of the underlying factors. It looks at the effects of agriculture on rural income distribution and poverty. It then focuses on the natural resource base for agricultural growth and examines changes in the production and productivity of crops and livestock. These changes are given an institutional context in terms of farm structures by ownership of and tenure on land and their differences in the use of resources and farm enterprises (crops and livestock), followed by an analysis of markets for agricultural products, resources and inputs. This completes the production and marketing processes. Finally, it addresses two important questions. Who are the main players in the process of change in Pakistan’s agriculture? What role has public policy played in terms of its effects on the observed changes and outcomes?
    ISBN: 9694025028
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    This book focuses on the central issues in the development of agriculture and the rural economy of Pakistan. A major emphasis is on explaining the agricultural transformation process and examining the role of public policy.

    The author contends that the uneven and somewhat erratic performance of the agriculture sector in Pakistan can be attributed mainly to the role of government. Most governmental policies have adversely affected the incentives for productive investment, increased agricultural productivity and the distribution of income and wealth between different farm groups.

    ISBN: 9694022940
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS