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    The environment throughout Pakistan is being increasingly degraded and supplies of natural resources are increasingly falling short of demands. The primary causes of this situation —growing population, a developing economy and changing patterns of resource use — are not physical, but social. Accordingly, attempts to understand the state of natural resources in Pakistan must begin with its society.

    Herein lies the value of this collection of readings. It consists of eighteen studies of different aspects of natural resource use in Pakistan (and surrounding countries). Each study presents data on a particular system of resource use and bases its conclusions and recommendations on these data. Instead of merely saying what should be — as is too often the case with development-related literature, these readings first say what is, and then argue from there.

    This collection will be of value to government officials, scientists, professors, and students working in forestry, agriculture, soil conservation, irrigation, watershed management, energy, and environmental protection and conservation.
    ISBN: 9694020549
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS