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    This is a serious scholarly narrative about the past history of relationship between the judiciary and the executive in Pakistan. It also describes the different trends of the judiciary in deciding the cases of political importance and especially the pressure of the executive on the judiciary to get favorable decisions. This book describes, analyzes and highlights the history of judicial activism in the first decade of 21st century in Pakistan which helped the judiciary to liberate itself from undemocratic forces and to dispense justice in a free and fair atmosphere and without any cost. On the other it also describes that how the judiciary has been stretching its powers and to influence the decisions of the Executive and Parliament. This book explains the causes of conflict among the judiciary; the executive and parliament. It also throws light on the causes and consequences of judicial activism on political culture of Pakistan.
    This study is substantial contribution in the historical literature. It describes the new role of Pakistani judiciary in the political culture of Pakistan in which two prime ministers of Pakistan have been disqualified by judicial verdicts. The judiciary assumed the new role to eradicate corruption from society, to correct administrative actions of the government and to eliminate some social evils from society which developed a new phenomenon and affected the whole Pakistani social and political order. Significantly, this is a wide ranging account of a political role of the judiciary in Pakistan.

    ISBN: 9789694026619