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    ISBN: 3923185049 – Hardback
    Publisher: UTA HULSEY
    ISBN: 0262031183
    Publisher: THE MIT PRESS


    Those who regard him as a “doom and gloom” critic will find an unexpected Chomsky in these pages. Here the world-renowned author speaks for the first time in depth about his career in activism, and his views and tactics. Chomsky offers new and intimate details about his life-long experience as an activist, revealing him as a critic with deep convictions and many surprising insights about movement strategies. The book points to new directions for activists today, including how the crises of the Coronavirus and the economic meltdown are exploding in the critical 2020 US presidential election year. Readers will find hope and new pathways toward a sustainable, democratic world.
    ISBN: 9780367543396
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE


    An essential record of Chomsky’s political and social thought as it was sharpened on the upheavals in domestic and international affairs of the early 1970s, For Reasons of State includes articles on the war in Vietnam and the “wider war” in Laos and Cambodia, an extensive dissection of the Pentagon Papers, reflections on the rote of force in international affairs, essays on civil disobedience and the role of the university, and a now-classic introduction to anarchism. These contributions reveal very different • facets àf Chomsky’s power as a thinker, from his uncanny ability to join abstract philosophical considerations with the concrete political realities of his time, to his singular capacity to mount withering, fact-based critiques of American foreign policy. The second installment in a series of early Chomsky books that The New Press wilt reissue in the coming years, For Reasons of State is a major addition to the intellectual history of the Vietnam era.
    ISBN: 1565847946
    Publisher: NEW PRESS


    In wide-ranging discussions with David Barsamian, his longtime interlocutor, Noam Chomsky asks us to consider “the world we are leaving to our grandchildren” one imperiled by climate change and the growing potential for nuclear war. If the current system is incapable of dealing with these threats, he argues, it’s up to us to radically change it.

    These twelve interviews examine the latest developments around the globe: the rise of ISIS, the reach of state surveillance, growing anger over economic inequality, conflicts in the Middle East, and the presidency of Donald Trump. In personal reflections on his Philadelphia childhood, Chomsky also describes his own intellectual journey and the development of his uncompromising stance as America’s premier dissident intellectual.


    Chomsky’s classic on wartime propaganda and opinion control has been updated and expanded into a two-section book, following the acclaimed format of his anti-war bestseller, 9-11(also available by Natraj). This new edition of Media Control, available in India for the first time, includes “The Journalist from Mars,” Chomsky’s talk on the media coverage of America’s “new war on terrorism.”

    Chomsky begins by asserting two models of democracy—one in which the public actively participates, and one in which the public is manipulated and controlled. According to Chomsky “propa ganda is to democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state,” and the mass media is the primary vehicle for delivering propaganda in the United States. From an examination of how Woodrow Wilson’s Creel Commission “succeeded, within six months, in turning a pacifist population into a hysterical, war-mongering population,” to Bush Sr.’s war on Iraq, Chomsky examines how the mass media and public relations industries have been used as propaganda to generate public support for going to war.

    Chomsky touches on how the modern public relations industry has been influenced by Walter Lippmann’s theory of “spectator democracy,” in which the public is seen as a “bewildered herd” that needs to be directed, not empowered; and how the public relations industry in the United States focuses on “controlling the public mind,” and not on informing it.
    ISBN: 969402384X
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship is Chomsky’s powerful indictment of a liberal intelligentsia that provided self-serving arguments for war in Vietnam—legitimising US commitment to autocratic rule and intervention in Asia as the tasks of “pacification theory.” Including Chomsky’s analysis of the Spanish Civil War as a revolutionary war from below, this book lays bare the reluctance of scholarly elites to engage in mass movements and social change, revealing not objectivity, but its opposite—the use of ideology to mask self-interest. Hailed by The Nation as “the first significant work of social and political thought to come out of the Vietnamese catastrophe,” Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship is an indispensable lens through which to consider mainstream punditry today.
    ISBN: 1565848586
    Publisher: THE NEW PRESS


    ISBN: 8181580117


    Immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Noam Chomsky’s always tightly scheduled life ratcheted several levels higher in intensity. In the months that followed, he gave a great many public talks and countless interviews, many of them to the foreign media, who turned to him as one of the small handful of American intellectuals who stood opposed to the Bush administration’s aggressive military response to the attacks.

    With unflagging conviction, Chomsky must have repeated a thousand times his argument that we cannot address terrorism of the weak against the powerful without also confronting ‘the unmentionable but far more extreme terrorism of the powerful against the weak’.

    The argument, supported with an ever expanding array of historical case studies, documents, and analyses, fell on deaf ears in Washington and in the mainstream American media, but resonated with large audiences in the United States and abroad who turned once again to Chomsky for the voice of reason and conscience that he has provided for decades.

    Chomsky does not see himself as a vehicle for social change but perhaps its enabler, by providing his audience with the information and analysis that are the fruits of his research.

    He repeatedly emphasizes that there are choices to be made, and that it is up to the individual to act according to moral principle and to force those in power to do the same.

    ISBN: 9694023868
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    Power Systems is the latest collection of searing insights from intellectual superstar Noam Chomsky.

    In this new collection of conversations, conducted from 2010 to 2012, Noam Chomsky explores the most immediate and urgent concerns: the future of democracy in the Arab world, the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the ‘class war’ fought by U.S. business interests against working people and the poor, the breakdown of mainstream political institutions and the rise of the far right.

    The latest volume from a long-established, trusted partnership, this collection shows once again that no interlocutor engages with Chomsky more effectively than David Barsamian. These interviews will inspire a new generation of readers, as well as longtime Chomsky fans eager for his latest thinking on the many crises we now confront, both at home and abroad. They confirm that Chomsky is an unparalleled resource for anyone seeking to understand our world today.

    Praise for Noam Chomsky:

    ‘One of the finest minds of the twentieth century’ New Yorker

    ‘Noam Chomsky is a global phenomenon . . . he may be the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet today’ New York Times Book Review

    ‘Will there ever again be a public intellectual who commands the attention of so many across the planet?’ New Statesman

    ‘The west’s most prominent critic of US imperialism . . . the closest thing in the English-speaking world to an intellectual superstar’ Guardian

    Noam Chomsky is the author of numerous bestselling political books, including Hegemony or Survival, Failed States, Interventions, What We Say Goes, Hopes and Prospects and, most recently, Occupy, all of which are published by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. He is a professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT, and is widely credited with having revolutionized modern linguistics.

    David Barsamian is the award-winning founder and director of Alternative Radio. He has authored several books of interviews with leading political thinkers.
    ISBN: 9780241965245
    Publisher: PENGUIN BOOK


    From interpreting the world to changing it, this book is a synthesis of Chomsky’s early work on philosophy, linguistics and politics. Originally delivered in 1971 as the first Cambridge lectures in memory of Bertrand Russell, Problems of Knowledge and Freedom is a masterful and cogent synthesis of Noam Chomsky’s moral philosophy, linguistic analysis, and emergent political critique of America’s war in Vietnam. In the first half of this wide-ranging work, Chomsky takes up Russell’s lifelong search for the empirical principles of human understanding, in a philosophical overview referencing Hume, Wittgenstein, von Humboldt, and others. In the following half, aptly titled “On Changing the World,” Chomsky applies these concepts to the issues that would remain the focus of his increasingly political work of the period—his criticisms of the war in Indochina and the Cold War ideology that supported it, of the centralization of US decision-making in the Pentagon and the growing influence of multinational corporations in those circles, and of the politicization of American universities in the post- World War II years, as well as his analyses of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Nixon’s foreign policies.
    ISBN: 1565848098
    Publisher: NEW PRESS


    “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE is Noam Chomsky at his best. His critique of our political and economic system is brilliant and devastating. This is a powerful rush of facts and ideas. Don’t stand too close.” —HOWARD ZINN In Profit Over People, Noam Chomsky takes on neoliberalism: the pro-corporate system of economic and political policies presently waging a form of class war worldwide. Chomsky critiques the tyranny of the few that restricts the public arena and enacts policies that vastly increase private wealth, often with complete disregard for social and ecological consequences. Profit Over People presents Chomsky’s thoughts on free market philosophy corporate control of public opinion, and the unreported impact of nondemocratic forces and policies like the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment-and the widespread resistance movements that often emerge to oppose them. Chomsky offers a profound sense of hope that social activism can reclaim people’s rights as citizens rather than as consumers, redefining democracy as a global movement, not a global market.
    ISBN: 9694023866
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS


    In this powerful collection of interviews, Noam Chomsky exposes the problems of our world today, as we stand in this period of monumental change, preparing for a more hopeful tomorrow.

    ‘For the left, elections are a brief interlude in a life of real politics, a moment to ask whether it’s worth taking time off to vote . . . Then back to work. The work will be to move forward to construct the better world that is within reach.’

    He sheds light into the phenomenon of right-wing populism, and exposes the catastrophic nature and impact of authoritarian policies on people, the environment and the planet as a whole. He captures the dynamics of the brutal class warfare launched by the masters of capital to maintain and even enhance the features of a dog-eat-dog society. And he celebrates the recent unprecedented mobilizations of millions of people internationally against neoliberal capitalism, racism and police violence.

    We stand at a precipice and we must fight to pull the world back from it.
    ISBN: 9780241993934
    Publisher: PENGUIN