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    ISBN: 8129103427
    Publisher: RUPA & CO


    With each passing day, we are getting excessively dependent on technology for managing our communication needs. And this is only expected to increase in future. Experts say, if 10 billion be the estimated population of our earth, then by 2099 one penny’s worth computing would be a billion times greater in computing capacity than all humans on the planet. If that happens, machines would take over the show and become capable of providing more than end-to- end solutions to all our communication needs, without us having to worry about anything.

    However, until that happens, if you happen to need any help in conducting your inter-personal communication, Managing Communication would surely come in handy. So, might you need to refresh your letter writing skills, learn about drafting business e-mails or managing your reading habits, might you want to improve your public speaking skills, learn more about making formal presentations and achieve more with your meetings, interviews and discussions,this book is sure going to be of great help.
    ISBN: 8129106205
    Publisher: RUPA & CO

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    Most of us would know the famous ‘target shooting’ episode from the Mahabharata, in which, after everyone had failed the test, young Arjuna had boldly answered,’ The fish’s eye:

    We would all want to hit the eye, but we can’t! We can’t because we find ourselves incapable of narrowing down our focus to an extent where we become capable of seeing the eye and nothing but the eye.

    Managing Concentration attempts to unfold some simple measures that can help you make a beginning in refining your focus — to be able to see your targets and objectives more clearly and distinctly It is a book for those whose ambition is to hit the bull’s eye…some day. This is a book for those who have a strong sense of self belief and feel proud of their abilities This is a book for those who believe that with practice and consistent effort, even their best can be bettered.
    ISBN: 8129106213
    Publisher: RUPA & CO

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    Our Universe was created 15 billion years ago. 10 seconds after the creation of Universe, gravity came into effect.. .300,000 years after the creation of Universe, the first atom was created when the nuclei took control of nearby electrons. 1 billion years later, as these atoms formed large clouds, galaxies were formed.

    3 billion years: Circling one of the stars over the branch of a small galaxy, an unremarkable planet, which we call Earth was created . . . And this process of creation has continued ever since.

    Every moment Nature is busy creating something. Creation is the essence of life and Creativity its pulse. It only makes sense to come in tune with nature and adopt creativity as a way of life. No matter where you are or what you do, you can be creative in your work, life and approach, only if you want to be. Managing Creativity will only help you complement your efforts.
    ISBN: 8129106027
    Publisher: RUPA & CO


    There would be so many occasions in our daily routine, when we want to do something, but we can’t, or rather won’t! We simply would not find enough motivation. Then there are times when we do something and don’t have to think, how we did it, for a second time.
    ISBN: 812910623X
    Publisher: RUPA & CO

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    It has been man’s quest to measure the passage of time across ages. But why has been so keen to measure the passage of time? Perhaps it was to organise his time more efficiently! While all the calendars, clocks and watches of the world measure for you the passage of time, this book talks about some simple ways to improve your usage of time.
    ISBN: 8129106248
    Publisher: RUPA & CO

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    What is confidence? What prevents us from being confident? Why sometimes do we get over-confident? How do we maintain balance between the two? If any of such questions has been bothering you, then Managing Confidence will surely help you find a few answers.
    ISBN: 8129106221
    Publisher: RUPA