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    The Bhagavad Gita is the single greatest theological and philosophical text to come out of ancient India. It addresses life’s most difficult dilemmas, such as how to deal with adversity and how to find peace of mind while living in a tumultuous world. This brand new translation into English is unique in that it complements the text’s ancient wisdom with inspirational illustrations. Translator Ranchor Prime has transformed an often obscure original text into language that retains the Gita’s poetry, yet is clear and easy to understand for today’s readers. His commentaries explain concepts of Hindu philosophy, for instance, karma and reincarnation, which are fundamental to the readers overall understanding. The Bhagavad Gita is arranged as a conversation consisting of questions and answers between God – or Krishna – and the human soul, represented by Arjuna. This translation presents all 700 verses of the original text, divided into 18 chapters, and taking the form of 140 daily meditations. The book also includes a glossary of Hindu terms and an index. Approximately 120 beautiful color illustrations capture the spirit of this holy text.
    ISBN: 0764122231
    Publisher: BARRON€™S PRINTED