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    ISBN: 8172452969
    Publisher: GOODWILL

     81 153

    Before you can say ‘Abracadabra’, you can astound your friends with amazing math tricks and stunts. You’ll pull calculator capers and card-conjuring mysteries, as well as mind-baffling feats based on dice, calendars, coins and more. Make your calculator talk to you.• Conjure up the date a friend was born.• Sprinkle a little magic into your subtraction.• Turn your calculator into a crystal ball.• Summon the ‘number spirits’ to predict which card will be pulled from a deck of cards. With the greatest of ease, you’ll read people’s minds, predict the future, make numbers appear out of nowhere, and perform astonishing hocus pocus. It gives new meaning to the expression ‘math wizard!’
    ISBN: 8122201814