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    ISBN: 8186505431
    Publisher: BHAVANA BOOKS


    The object of the following pages must briefly be explained. During a residence of five years in Sindh, the author had frequent opportunity to remark, and cause to regret, the want of a single work treating upon the several subjects of the manners and customs, the domestic details, and the religious opinions of the people among, and with whom, he lived.

    The descriptions of Sindh and its inhabitants hitherto published were found of little use — they are either of too popular a nature, intended to introduce the country to the home reader, or written with the view of imparting a superficial knowledge of the language.

    Equally unserviceable are the many valuable works composed by residents in Hindustan and the Deccan, on account of the difference of dialects, habits and belief. This work is offered to the Sindhi student with little hesitation.

    It contains long descriptions of the studies, religion and ceremonies peculiar to the race inhabiting our newly conquered country, the first specimens of the language, and notices of the literature ever printed, and what is of more consequence, a detailed account of native habits and customs, manners and ceremonies.

    And it would be difficult to supply a better illustration of the popular axiom, “Knowledge is power,” than the conduct of Orientals towards those who understand them, compared with their contempt felt, if not expressed, for the ignorant. The learned Orientalist will find little in the following pages to merit or attract his attention. Much new matter has, it is presumed, been collected by the labour of years.

    ISBN: 9694023270
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS