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    Discover the personal and professional benefits of delegation in this practical and concise guidebook.

    In the ultra-busy world of work, manageand team leadeneed powerful strategies to help them streamline the workflow. A key workplace skill is knowing how to delegate effectively – when delegation becomes ‘the way’ of a work team, everyone is a winner. Being an effective delegator is also a fast track to promotion. People who delegate are noticed

    Making Delegation Happen provides powerful strategies for organisation effectiveness by supplying all the practical skills and tools you need for greater efficiency and effectiveness at work.

    Using proven strategies for professional success, Making Delegation Happen shows how to free your time to focus on the most critical issues by passing on time-consuming tasks to other trusted team members. Those employees, in turn, can increase their levels of knowledge and usefulness to the team by developing new skills and capabilities.

    Making it happen books provide you with the inspiration, ideas and tools to generate positive change. The books in this series are written with a practical focus so that you can learn about the theory, advantages and pitfalls of the subject matter in order to create an action plan that is right for your workplace.
    ISBN: 1865089923
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS


    ISBN: 0140622004
    Publisher: PENGUIN BOOKS