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    “Kalabagh Dam: Sifting Fact from Fiction” provides a comprehensive account of events and perceptions related to Pakistan’s most controversial issue. Developed by WAPDA as an engineering project related to water storage, the Kalabagh Dam has now become a victim of political posturing.

    An effort has been made in this book to identify those developments which have led us to the present impasse, including the real facts that lie buried deep in the official record, as well as previous attempts to develop a national consensus on the subject. The book also narrates water sector challenges faced by Pakistan and how other countries around the world have successfully resolved similar issues. This effort to remove myths nurtured on regional fears and apprehensions should hopefully pave the way in developing a consensual approach in tackling critical water issues, including Kalabagh Dam.

    A timely and indispensable book on a critical subject by an authority of repute and experience.
    ISBN: 9789694026015
    Publisher: VANGUARD BOOKS