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    Debates over family law are a sensitive subject in the Muslim world, revealing something of the struggle between forces of traditionalism and modernism. The highly disparate tendencies within Islamic fundamentalism share a desire to re-institute Shari’a law, regarded as the last bastion of the Islamic ideal of social relations

    This book probes the theory and practice of Islamic family law in the contemporary Muslim world, focusing on the dynamics of marriage and the consequences of its breakdown, and the ways in which litigants manipulate the law to resolve marital and child custody disputes. Exploring the ways in which the law is interpreted and administered, its approach diverges from conventional textual analysis.

    This is an important contribution to the legal anthropology of Muslim societies. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Mir-Hosseini shows how women can turn even the most patriarchal elements of Islamic law to their advantage and achieve their personal material aims.
    ISBN: 1860641822
    Publisher: I B TAURIS