Each book in the “World Religions and Ecology” series deals with the teachings, beliefs, history and present-day attitudes and contribution of a particular faith to the environment. The books cover several areas: teachings and traditions, environmental practice and responding to the crisis. Under teachings and traditions the books look at core ideas and beliefs as found within the faith’s main scriptures and traditional teachings. They also include studies of historical turning points in the faith’s teachings about the environment. Under environmental practice, the books examine the practices and ways of life arising from the teachings outlined in the first section and their impact (negative and positive) on the environment. The final section, responding to the crisis, looks at how the faith is rethinking or re-examining its teachings and practices in the light of the ecological crisis. What does the faith believe to be the most important insights it has to bring to the debate about the future? What are the faith’s hopes for the future? This section also contains case studies of practical action to protect the environment undertaken as an expression of faith.

In this book, the contributors discuss such issues as animal husbandry, international science and trade, desert reclamation and other aspects of the future of the Earth.
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Fazlun Khalid is a Sri Lankan born British Islamic ecotheologian and the Founder-Director of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science based in Birmingham, England. He has served as director of training at the Alliance of Religions and Conservation and as a consultant for World Wildlife Fund.