Thebook presents a beautifully written account of the life story of Shoaib Sultan Khan, the man whose noble efforts made a difference to the lives of millions of poor in Pakistan and many other countries. It tracesthe journey of a man who for many decades, has served to lift people out of poverty and forge a way for development at the grassroots ….. The question arises as to how and why community members accepted the mobilization processes as an empowering and enriching experience The answer has been provided quite aptly in this Book This life story of Shoaib Khan is an invaluable read for all his followers, for development practitioners, for those whose lives have been transformed by community mobilization initiatives, and for the world which is inspired and grateful for his efforts

Jairam Ramesh

Minister of Rural Development, Government of India

I was glad to learn that a new book is being written about my friend Shoaib Sultan Khan and the work that he has been doing for many years for the people of Pakistan, and beyond Asia He was trusted by the people as a friend, without in any way patronizing them…… His plans were backed by international donors, of which I am glad to say that Britain was one, and endorsed by His Highness, the Aga Khan, who lent his name to what became the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, or AKRSP

Sir Nicholas Harrington KCMG, CVO

British Ambassador & HighCommissioner inIslamabad(1987-94)

No doubt, his inspiration came from the legendary Akhtar Hamid Khan, but his commitment to the field and for the marginalized came always from his own motivation…..He was able to convert sectarian rivalries into a healthy diversity worthy of respect and mustered the energy, that Pakistanis have in abundance, to build trust and an economic base in society….. His projects had solid financial support but remained modest in their approach and Style To see so many beautiful lives bloom into valuable assets for society is an amazing transformation. This book will now add value to all those who read the extraordinary achievements of development activists like Shoaib Sultan Khan

Asma Jahangir Advocate Supreme Court, Pakistan
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As a very young man, Noel Cossins set out to find the ends of the earth. He never did. Instead he found friendship, in Africa in South, East and Central Asia, in poor mountain villages, in desert nomadic encampments, in the wonderful warmth and hospitality of people at all levels. In Arica he also found the love of his life, Felicity who has shared his wandering life for more than forty years, They live now in an extensive wildlife refuge on the eastern edges of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. He Happened on Gilgit when shoaib was at his peak, the king of the mountains. He had no idea then, that one day he would be asked to write Shoaib’s extraordinary story