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Qi (also spelled Chi or Ki) is the universal energy or life force that permeates all being. A fundamental concept in traditional Chinese philosophy, an understanding of Qi is crucial tosuccess in the practice of all East Asian healing and martial arts, from Tai Chi to Taekwondo to Reiki. But Qi has far broader and deeper applications: its proper understanding and utilization can bring harmony and balance to our modernlives. The power and focus it generates can be put to use in the myriad tasks we engage in daily, whether cooking, writing a book, designing a house, or preparing a business strategy. Reflections on Qi progresses from an explanation of what Qi is and how it is manifested throughout the universe to a description of how positive Qi can be introduced into the home, garden, workplace, and relationships. This is followed by an introduction to the various means of expressingand interpreting Qi in such pursuits as calligraphy, gardening, painting, and music. Lavishly illustrated, this book is the perfect reference for anyone interested in Eastern thought and wanting to incorporate its key beneficial elements into a Western lifestyle.
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Grandmaster Gary Khor is the Founder and President of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong and the Feng Shui Academy of China.