An immaculate political biography of Ruttie Jinnah by a Pakistani civil servant-cum-scholar Saad S. Khan, co-authored by former head of Jinnah Academy and his better half, Sara Khan. Painstakingly researched for over 12 years by personally visiting almost every conceivable place associated with Ruttie’s life – India, Pakistan and England, and interviewing scores of historians, family members and lawyers of Jinnah’s descendants, this hard-hitting book analyses the role Jinnah’s wife played during the freedom struggle.

Would Pakistan have still been created if Jinnah’s terminal illness was leaked? So, would India have still been partitioned if Ruttie was not his wife? Why did Gandhi ji, never known to have communicated with any other Muslim leader’s wife, choose to write letters directly to Mrs. Jinnah? Why did Motilal Nehru’s descendants distance themselves from Mrs. Jinnah despite his great regard for her? Was it merely a coincidence that nationalist Jinnah’s reorientation towards his two-nation theory took place during his married years?

This book is an attempt at incisively understanding Jinnah’s politics through his lover and a highly influential yet unstudied historical figure, Ruttie Jinnah’s eyes!
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SAAD S. KHAN, Ph.D is an Officer of the Civil Service of Pakistan and a freelance Historian and political scientist. He has written prolifically on such diverse subjects as political Islam, geo politics of South Asia, and history of military music. He is known as one of the most promising amongst emerging scholars in South Asia. He presently heads one oldie five campuses of the National School of Public Policy the umbrella institution of the Government of Pakistan for policy research and bureaucrats' training—as its Director General. His earlier career in the civil service, saw him serving at many important positions including in the Federal Ministries of Home, Health and Finance in the central Government of Pakistan, at Islamabad, and several more at provincial/state government levels. His major works include Reasserting International Islam (Oxford University Press; 2000); Friends Indeed Review and Reference on Pakistan-OIC Relations (MHO R; 2004); Service: Our Highest Honour (PASA: 2010) and When Military Wages Peace: The Role of Military Bartels in Diplomacy, War and Statecraft (Pentagon; 2019), in addition to several biographical works in Urdu. He is also a contributor of the multi-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics (2009 Ed.) and that of the prestigious Oxford Bibliography Online –OBO (2011). SARA SAAR KHAN holds a Master's degree in Public Administration. She has mainly worked in the social sector including as head of Mohammad Ali Jinnah Academy, Quetta; at the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Lahore; and Averox Enterprises, in Islamabad She is an avid reader, this is her first book as a co-author.