?The stars of today would not be where they are without the pioneering leadership of men like Kardar. Not just Pakistan but world cricket owes them all a huge debt.? ?David Gower Former England Captain ?Test Status on Trial, one of the many books Kardar wrote, reveals the story of an extremely difficult series in England involving tough conditions, unprecedented rains and so much more. A fascinating book to read, it reminds us of the challenges Pakistani cricketers faced and the resilience they showed in the early years of their introduction to the game.? ?Zaheer Abbas Former Pakistan Captain ?The maiden tour of England in 1954 remains, historically, the most outstanding and unforgettable tour Pakistan has ever had. Ikram Elahi and I are the only two surviving members of the team. Even after 68 years, its charm, magic and importance have not faded?The Oval test victory came against the full-fledged English side, one that went on to win the Ashes in Australia in the following year.? ?Wazir Mohammed Former Test Cricketer, 1954 Team ?Kardar?s inspirational leadership, tactical brilliance and sheer grit put Pakistan on the world cricket map by morphing an inexperienced set of players into a team that achieved laurels beyond its perceived potential. The team, eventually, lit the flame that set the country ablaze, converting just another pastime sport into a rage.? ?Shahid Kardar Son of A. H. Kardar; Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan ?Test Status on Trial is a precious rarity, a first draft of history from somebody in the process of making it. As such, indispensable.? ?Gideon Haigh Cricket Journalist, Author of On Warne ?Most members of the 1954 Pakistan squad were of impressionable age and enjoyed England, both on and off the field. Skipper A. H. Kardar, with his previous experience of playing in English conditions, was a tactician and a confident man, having a keen eye on the younger players to help them bring their best foot forward.? ?Ikram Elahi Former Test Cricketer, 1954 Team

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Abdul Hafeez Kardar (January 17, 1925 ? April 21, 1996), generally regarded as the father figure of Pakistani cricket, captained Pakistan in their First Test match in 1952. He was one of the fewest Pakistani cricketers who had the experience of playing for India before the Partition of the Subcontinent (note the 1946 tour of England). One of the greatest highlights of his career as a cricketer and as a captain is Pakistan?s maiden tour to England in 1954, featuring the famous Oval win. To this day, Pakistan is the only team to beat England in England in a Test game as part of the maiden series. In 23 matches as captain, Kardar led his team to victory over all the then Test-playing countries except South Africa, whom they never met.