The Political Economy Reader advocates a particular approach to the study of political economy – the “market-institutional” perspective – which emphasizes the ways in which markets are embedded in political and social institutions. This perspective offers a compelling alternative to the market-liberal view, which advocates freer markets and less government intervention in the economy, as if states and markets were naturally at odds with each other. The reader embraces a truly interdisciplinary approach to the study of political economy, with extensive coverage from sociology, economics, history and political science. It includes some of the most important classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives on political economy. And it engages some of the most topical debates in political economy today, such as climate change, the global financial crisis, inequality, the digital platform economy, and the COVID-19 pandemic. For political economy courses at a variety of levels and from a range of disciplines, the reader is also of interest to scholars and citizens wanting perspective on the intersection of economics, politics, and society.

New to the Second Edition

• More than 20 new readings included by such notables as Elinor Ostrom, E. J. Hobsbawm, Dani Rodrik, Amartya Sen, Thomas Piketty, and Mariana Mazzucato among many others.

• Fully updated introductions to the book and each thematic chapter of readings.

• Coverage of key emerging debates including climate change, the financial crisis, inequality, ?the digital platform economy, and COVID-19
ISBN: 9780367497293
Publisher: ROUTLEDGE

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Naazneen H. Barma is Director of the Doug and?Mary Scrivner Institute of Public Policy, Scrivner Chair, and?Associate Professor at?the?Josef Korbel School of?International Studies?at the University of Denver.