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    Vol.1 Badakhshan and Northeastern Afghanistan; This area is of great culture and geopolitical intrests because it includes such remote areas as the wakhan corridor, once a buffer between the Russian and British empires and now and area where the borders of the Soviot Union, China and Indi-Pakistani subcontinent meet.

    Vol.2 Farah and Southwestern Afghanistan; If we compare this area with the one convered in the Badakshan volume, we might characterised western Afghanistan as the seat of the ancient civilization and an area of paramount archaeological importance.

    Vol.3 Herat and Northwestern Afghanistan; The history is outlined in the some detail, illustrating the fait of the town “which enjoys the preminence of having stood more seige than almost any other city in Central Asia, having been deepopulated and desteroyed offener and always having risen from her ruines, if not always renewed splendour, at all events with a vigar and a tanacity of life that is without a parrellel.

    Vol.4 Mazar-i-Sharif and North-Central Afghanistan; The Oxus River vally, which forms the boundary between Afgahnistan and the Soviot Union, is described a considerable detail. Similiar attention is paid to the Band-i-Amir, one of the principal river of the provinence, which also carries the name Balakh Ab.

    Vol.5 Kandahar and South-Central Afghanistan; It provides data on afghan tribes, including the Barechis, Ghilzais, and Durians-the latter is covered in a 70 pages Appendix. Mountains and various geographical feature are carefully examined, including the great desert region of Registan and Shorawak, which extend along the boundary with Iran in the west and Pakistan in the south.

    Vol.6 Kabul and Southeast Afghanistan; It includes the history of Jalalabad, incidents from Anglo-Afghan wars, such as the British defets as Ghazni and the retreat through the Khurd Khaibar, Afghan tribes and ethnic communities, such as the, Pawindas, Ghilzias, Nuristanis, Kharotis, and others are discussed.
    ISBN: 3201012726