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    From the history of biowarfare development programmes to the possibilities for bioterrorist attacks, Dando also describes what he believes is necessary to limit the availability and potency of biological agents in the future. Examining the backdrop of legislative wrangling and failed international agreements, this well-argued work interweaves politics and technology to reveal the reality behind this twenty-first century menace.
    ISBN: 1851684476
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD


    Combining the personal with the scholarly, this innovative introduction gives the reader an insight into Islam and its rich history.
    ISBN: 185168350X
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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  • GOD

    This is a perceptive and witty introduction to the history of ideas about God, drawing on sources as diverse as the ancient tales of the Greek gods, the ideas of Nietzsche and Marx and the insights offered by Romantic poetry.
    ISBN: 1851683232
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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  • RUMI

    This long awaited paperback edition describes the key events in Rumi’s magical life story: his unusual childhood, his relationship with his father, and his intense, though controversial, affection for a wandering dervish.
    ISBN: 1851683356
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD


    An illustrated anthology offering words of wisdom from the Zen tradition, arranged in thematic categories such as “Meditation” and “Living a Zen a life”. The aim of Zen Buddhism is to attain total harmony with the world within and without, to see things as they really are, in all their living wonder. Full of compassion, clarity and a deep love of life, this ancient Eastern tradition continues to inspire and encourage world-wide followers through its philosophy of acceptance and loving kindness. With its emphasis on living life, rather than simply talking about it, Zen is full of practical wisdom, a distillation of which is found within these pages. Offering insight in to everything from meditation and the art of haiku, to the removal of worldly concerns and living a Zen life, this collection draws on a multitude of great thinkers and their teachings, old and new alike.
    ISBN: 1851682813
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    This new anthology draws on the rich literary and artistic heritage of the Sufi tradition, including the poetry of Rumi, to produce a volume full of insight into spiritual identity, love, and the path to self-fulfillment. Covering topics from enlightenment to relationships, this exquisitely illustrated book is a gift to cherish and inspire for years to come.
    ISBN: 1851682600
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    This little anthology offers inspiring words of wisdom from the ancient Eastern tradition that brought us Feng Shui. With advice on everything from love and family life to the importance of education and the role of virtue, this illustrated treasury is full of guidance and insight, and will be cherished by all those who seek a calmer and more measured way of life.
    ISBN: 1851682597
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    The soul represents our innermost being, the essence of the individual, but how many of us really understand our true selves? And what can we do to nurture our soul amidst the stresses and strains of daily life? This exquisite anthology draws on the wisdom of poets, philosophers, novelists and spiritual leaders through the ages to produce an inspirational manual for spiritual health. From unveiling the divine within ourselves, to cultivating spiritual virtues and achieving the soul’s true potential, this uplifting book will provide the necessary nourishment for fortifying the soul against life’s challenges, while offering a profound insight into the realm of the immortal.
    ISBN: 1851681876
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD


    Within each of these exquisite new titles lie profound moments of wisdom from the world’s sacred scriptures. Each book, compiled by an expert in the relevant faith, groups together inspirational and timeless insights from ancient writings into categories, including “Faith”, “Love”, and “Spiritual Growth”. Each individual title is slightly different, according to the tradition from which it is drawn, yet shares the common principles of enlightenment, encouragement, and solace. Suitable for readers of all backgrounds and faiths, these titles’ giftbook format are beautiful treasuries to give, share, and cherish.
    ISBN: 1851682325
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    The Hindu tradition is ancient and diverse, with scriptures dating back to a distant point in the mists of time. Its followers aspire toward the divine through reflection, inner peace, and a recognition of human frailty in the light of a greater truth.This exquisite little anthology distils the most profound moments of the wisdom of Hinduism into one single volume. Offering enlightenment on everything from dharma to discipline, friendship to folly, the collection draws upon the full spectrum of Hindu thought, from the fables of the Mahabharata to the words of Mahatma Gandhi.For those who seek comfort, help in adversity or simply inspiration, this wealth of spiritual enlightenment will be treasured as a timeless keepsake forever.
    ISBN: 1851682279
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    In this unique and inspirational anthology, Kenneth Cragg brings together prayers from the Muslim and Christian faiths to explore the themes reticent in all types of prayer, from praise through penitence and petition. Featuring a full index of Qur’anic and Biblical passages, and arranged thematically, this is an accessible, diverse and original collection of some of the most beautiful prayers from Senegal to Samarkand.
    ISBN: 1851681817
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD


    Drawing on the rich diversity of humanity’s common spiritual heritage, God’s Big Instruction Book explores the eternal themes of the spiritual life: our relationship with God, the purpose of life, and the way to spiritual consciousness. Together these gems of wisdom from the world’s sacred scriptures have transformed the lives of people all over the world for thousands of years. Celebrating all that it means to be human, from rejoicing in love to comforting the suffering, from offering forgiveness to contemplating a life beyond death, these inspirational words will guide your steps along the spiritual path.
    ISBN: 1851681701
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD

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    Of all the conflicts that characterized the early years of the modern psychoanalytic movement, none was more heated than the acrimonious breakup between Freud and Adler. This book charts the rise and fall of the relationship between two of the founding fathers of modern psychoanalysis: from Freud’s admiration of Adler as the ‘sharpest mind’ in his circle, to Adler’s dramatic departure in 1911, and the establishment of their different schools of psychotherapy.

    Bernhard Handlbauer explores the theories which united and divided the two men, all of them still important questions in the theory and practice of psychotherapy, such as the relationships between sexuality and aggression, and between the individual and society. Extracts from discussions of the so-called Wednesday Society, where many of these issues were debated, allow us to hear speaking all the great names in modern psychoanalysis. The emotion of the controversy is vividly brought to life – Freud’s hurt that Adler had abandoned the core of his theories, and Adler’s pain at Freud’s strivings to exclude him from the society. This absorbing, thoroughly researched and impartial study finishes with a fresh, 1990s view of the controversy and its significance for the development of psychoanalysis.
    ISBN: 1851681272
    Publisher: ONE WORLD OXFORD