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  • The Wish Maker

    Zaki Shirazi returns to Lahore to celebrate the wedding of his cousin and childhood companion Samar Api (who has finally, it seems, found her Amitabh). Home is not what it used to be; Musharraf is in power, there has been a boom, and Lahore seems to have seen ‘too much too soon’. Zaki’s estrangement, amidst the flurry of wedding preparations in the house he grew up in, takes him back to his past: his childhood as a fatherless boy growing up in a household of outspoken women, and his and Samar’s intertwined journeys from youth to adulthood.

    As children, they often attended dangerous political protests with Zaki’s journalist mother. Surrounded by the mysterious talk of adults, only Zaki seemed to share his older cousin’s yearning for the perfect world. Inspired by American soaps and Bollywood films that they watched together, their world held the promise of all sorts of forbidden love. Then, when Zaki supports one of Samar’s romantic schemes, the family suffers the disastrous consequences. But as his fate diverges from Samar’s, he comes to understand the world around him better, and to cherish the bonds that survive the tugs of convention, time and history.
    ISBN: 9780143068112


    In this delightful book, Emma Levine, a British photographer and journalist, offers an alternative cricket tour of the Indian subcontinent. She visits the nurseries from which tomorrow’s great players emerge— Shivaji Park and Azad Maidan in Bombay, Iqbal Park in Lahore, the school matches in Colombo—and some unlikely places where cricket is played. She wanders through narrow lanes in Delhi’s Chawri Bazaar where a rooftop hit constitutes a six, witnesses street games in some of Karachi’s most violent areas, and even journeys to war torn Jaffna, where net practice continues when the city itself has come to a halt. In equal parts an account of a pilgrimage by an ardent fan of cricket, a photographic travelogue, and a sociological interpretation of cricket as a way of life in the subcontinent, Into the Passionate Soul of Subcontinental Cricket is one of the most enjoyable cricket books to have been published in recent times.
    ISBN: 0140258922


    Sheila Paine, an embroidery expert, journeyed through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, the Black Sea coast and Bulgaria in search of an ancient embroidery pattern. Travelling alone, in remote and sometimes dangerous country, she had many extraordinary adventures: she was smuggled out of Afghanistan by a group of Mujahadeen, and concealed under a burka, and travelled through Iran in purdah, looking at the embroideries of the Zorastrians and unexpectedly finding the pattern among a primitive tribe, where women wear red masks. Sheila Paine writes about her adventures and especially about the people.
    ISBN: 0140179305