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    ISBN: 9789694026572
    Publisher: VANGAURD BOOKS


    In this analysis of the relationship between agrarian structure and agricultural development in Pakistan, the author investigates the slow and uneven performance of agriculture and explores probable causes. He demonstrates that land reforms have failed to alter the pattern of concentration of land ownership and have in tact increased the marginality of landless tenants and small land-owners. He argues that among the most serious causes of Pakistan’s uncertain agricultural future is the predicament of the average farmer.

    Noting that small owner-operated farms are socially more efficient than large ones, Dr. Khan proposes a new, economically viable, land-tenure system. He also examines Pakistan’s outmoded land-tax system and suggests a new method of direct agricultural taxation that would be efficient, equitable, and administratively feasible. He concludes, however, that such reforms are not likely to meet with political acceptance, even though increased pressures of technology and marginalizalion on the peasantry inevitably will result in disruptive — perhaps violent — change.
    ISBN: 086531134X
    Publisher: VANGAURD BOOKS