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    As a relationship and romance author, speaker, and coach I read a lot of books about dating, marriage, and romance. 2,002 Questions and Answers for Lovers is high on my list for the questions and middle of the road for the answers provided.

    We each bring to our relationships an “Emotional Genealogy” that is created by all the relationships we have as we grow up. How did our families handle money, what were their values about work, did they spend alot of time focusing on the family or where they individuals living in the same house. What about fitness, and food, and fashion? What are the values of our friends and coworkers? Your answers to these questions and more create your unique point of view about how relationships are supposed to work.

    The questions in this book give you a good starting point for understanding yourself and your mate. They can help you figure out how your perspective and values fit together to create ‘us’ instead of you and me. By developing a shared “Emotional Future” couples can build a strong foundation for a passionate, loving, and lifelong relationship.

    The answers however just can’t, mostly because of space constraints, cover enough of the possible answers to be effective. Buy the book and ask each other the questions, answer your mate with your heart, and create the basis for a love affair for a lifetime.
    ISBN: 1580622259
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS

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    Show the most important person in your life just how much they mean to you! From simple and sweet gestures of love, to adventurous and exotic ideas for memorable dates, 2002 Romantic Ideas will help you make (or keep!) your relationship as passionate and romantic as you’ve always dreamed it could be.

    Give your love the valuable gift of your time
    Frame your favorite love not from your sweetheart
    Wink at each other often
    Tell your mate that he is fun to be with
    Always laugh at your love’s jokes (even the bad ones)
    Tuck a love note in his p.j.s.
    Have a pillow fight at bedtime
    Win a prize for her at the local carnival or amusement park
    Visit a honeymoon resort on your next vacation
    Have cut nicknames for each other. Don’t use any sarcastic ones.

    Each of the 2002 books are filled with creative, zany, sometimes off-the-wall ideas for finding and wooing that special someone. These books make it fun-and easy-to be romantic.
    ISBN: 1558508198
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS

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    Thousands of proven ideas for meeting attractive new people, romantic dating tips, and much more, 2002 Ways to Find, Attract, and Keep a Mate shows you how to meet, woo, and win over the person of your dreams.

    Take full responsibility for your social life
    Always look for ways to expand your circle of friends
    Singles are attracted to those who make them feel good about themselves
    Before you go on a date, make sure the clothes you are wearing fit properly
    Never tell a sexist joke
    Be modest-you want to shine, not show off
    Be sincere and natural
    Listen intently. You want to learn as much as you can, so you can decide if this is the right person for you.
    Ask lots of questions-but don’t interrogate.
    Too much “togetherness” can spoil even the best of romances

    Each of the 2002 books are filled with creative, zany, sometimes off-the-wall ideas for finding and wooing that special someone. These books make it fun-and easy-to be romantic.
    ISBN: 1580620817
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS

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    Say it today! From the creative to the subversive. 2002 Ways To Say “I Love You” is full of unique and inventive ideas for sending a special message, such as:

    Write a new stanza to a famous poem
    Label her videotapes
    Play hooky from work together
    Take a late evening dinner dance cruise Accompany him to the doctor when he is really sick
    Telephone when you are out with the guys
    Watch the sunrise arm in arm
    Frame pictures of special times shared
    Hide a love note in his pocket
    Help her color her hair

    Each of the 2002 books are filled with creative, zany, sometimes off-the-wall ideas for finding and wooing that special someone. These books make it fun-and easy-to be romantic.
    ISBN: 1580620809
    Publisher: ADAMS MEDIA


    ISBN: 9780593334836
    Publisher: BERKLEY


    Alexander McCall Smith’s profile could not be higher at the moment: the Today Show has featured him live twice, and author Amy Tan selected The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency as her book of the month. This delightful collection of short stories teems with more of the vivid characters and exotic settings that have become McCall Smith’s trademark. Among other places, we visit Portugal, Australia, and, of course, the southern Africa McCall Smith’s many fans know so well. Organized around the theme of the romantic encounter in all its varied forms, these hilarious stories are by turns surprising, enthralling, heartwarming, and, sometimes, just plain disastrous — but always universally recognizable. Full of the same irresistible imagination and delicious insight into the fascinating peculiarities of the human condition that have endeared The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency to thousands of readers, Heavenly Date is the perfect read for McCall Smith’s rapidly growing audience.
    ISBN: 1841954667
    Publisher: CANONGATE

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    ISBN: 9781398518179
    Publisher: SIMON & SCHUSTER


    ISBN: 9789690025487
    Publisher: FEROZESONS


    ISBN: 9781542025607
    Publisher: ABC


    The last three of six psychological romance novels, love stories with a jagged edge, by the Queen of Crime, writing under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. Agatha Christie is known throughout the world as the Queen of Crime. It was her sharp observations of the ambitions that drive people, their relationships and the conflicts that erupt between them, that added life and sparkle to her ingenious detective novels. When she turned this understanding of human nature away from the crime genre, writing anonymously as Mary Westmacott to prove that her writing could sell on its merit rather than her fame alone, she created bittersweet novels, love stories with a jagged edge, as compelling and memorable as the best of her work. The Rose and the Yew Tree: A working-class man’s attempts to elevate himself in life lead to unforeseen circumstances…A Daughter’s a Daughter: A mother rejects personal happiness to look after her daughter, but later regrets the decision…The Burden: A girl precipitates a disastrous marriage by controlling the life of her younger sibling!
    ISBN: 0006493297
    Publisher: HARPER COLLINS