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    ISBN: 9780748635405


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    Qi (also spelled Chi or Ki) is the universal energy or life force that permeates all being. A fundamental concept in traditional Chinese philosophy, an understanding of Qi is crucial tosuccess in the practice of all East Asian healing and martial arts, from Tai Chi to Taekwondo to Reiki. But Qi has far broader and deeper applications: its proper understanding and utilization can bring harmony and balance to our modernlives. The power and focus it generates can be put to use in the myriad tasks we engage in daily, whether cooking, writing a book, designing a house, or preparing a business strategy. Reflections on Qi progresses from an explanation of what Qi is and how it is manifested throughout the universe to a description of how positive Qi can be introduced into the home, garden, workplace, and relationships. This is followed by an introduction to the various means of expressingand interpreting Qi in such pursuits as calligraphy, gardening, painting, and music. Lavishly illustrated, this book is the perfect reference for anyone interested in Eastern thought and wanting to incorporate its key beneficial elements into a Western lifestyle.
    ISBN: 0834805456
    Publisher: STRUIK


    Claude Mediavilla brings to the Greek text his training as both a painter and calligrapher, marrying modern variants of both medium and style with classical forms in a way that brings Epictetus’ words to life with beauty and startling immediacy. Calligraphy (from the Greek for “beautiful writing”) is an art where word and image meet, where the artist strives to give visual expression to the meaning of words in a way that transcends the text while remaining completely faithful to it. It is a discipline that has been invested with spiritual significance wherever it has arisen–and it has arisen throughout the world in every age, in virtually every language, culture, and religion. The Shambhala Calligraphy series is a collection of books devoted to contemporary expressions of this “art of the word,” featuring contemporary calligraphers’ striking new interpretations of texts that have been traditional subjects for calligraphic interpretation. Whether in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or Chinese pictographs, the characters, words, and sentences are brought to life anew here in a choreography of mind, hand, and heart by which letter and spirit fuse in a single stroke.
    ISBN: 1590300521
    Publisher: SHAMBHALA

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    ISBN: 9781848854390
    Publisher: I. B. TAURIS


    A breathtaking new collection of translations of poems by Rumi, one of the world’s most loved mystical teachers and bestselling poets. Beautifully packaged and illustrated with paintings and Persian calligraphy, this is an ideal gift.

    Jalal-uddin Rumi was born in what is now Afghanistan in 1207. His poetry has inspired generations of spiritual seekers, both from his own Sufi school and well beyond. His poems speak to the seeker and the lover in all of us. He is one of the world’s most revered poets and spiritual teachers, and is currently the bestselling poet in America.

    Rumi is one of the greatest mystic poets of all time. His unique message of love speaks directly to the heart and transcends the boundaries of language and time. These poems, carefully selected from the Divan of Shams (Rumi’s collection of 3,000 poems), speak powerfully to the seeker and lover in all of us.

    These beautiful, new translations from the original Persian, by the authors of Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved, are arranged thematically and lead us through the intricacies of love, longing and the quest for truth. Each section is accompanied by Persian calligraphy of several of the poems, as well as stunning, evocative paintings by Azima Melita Kolin, reproduced in full colour, which are inspired by the poems and have been specially commissioned for the book
    ISBN: 9780008387167
    Publisher: THORSONS