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    A faithful and comprehensive account of the life and work of Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Laureate from Pakistan. In addition to telling the story of the schoolteacher’s son from Jhang province in Punjab, whose outstanding research in theoretical physics won him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979, this biography explains in detail the New Physics that Abdus Salam was instrumental in developing. Besides dealing with the advances of science to which Dr Salam has contributed, the author looks at the part the physicist has played in solving some of the major social problems arising from the impact of science on society in the Third World.
    ISBN: 0670840300
    Publisher: VIKING


    THE FIRST EVER OFFICIAL BOOK- Published in celebration of BTS’s 10th Anniversary, stories that go beyond what you already know about BTS, including unreleased photos, QR codes of videos, and all album information. After taking their first step into the world on June 13, 2013, BTS will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut in June 2023. They have risen to the peak as an iconic global artist and during this meaningful time, they look back on their footsteps in the first official book. In doing so, BTS nurtures the power to build brighter days and they choose to take another step on a road that no one has gone before. BTS shares personal, behind-the-scenes stories of their journey so far through interviews and more than three years of in-depth coverage by Myeongseok Kang, who has written about K-pop and other Korean pop culture in various media. Presented chronologically in seven chapters from before the debut of BTS to the present, their vivid voices and opinions harmonize to tell a sincere, lively, and deep story. In individual interviews that have been conducted without a camera or makeup, they illuminate their musical journey from multiple angles and discuss its significance. In addition, portrait photos that show BTS as individuals and artists open the book, and throughout there are concept photos, tracklists of all previous albums, and over 330 QR codes. As digital artists, BTS has been communicating with the world through the internet and this book allows readers to immediately access trailers, music videos, and more online to have a rich understanding of all the key moments in BTS history. Complete with a timeline of all major milestones, BEYOND THE STORY is a remarkable archive-truly everything about BTS in one volume.


    ISBN: 9781401359942
    Publisher: MIRAMAX BOOKS


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    It is almost unprecedented for a head of state to publish a memoir while still in office. But Pervez Musharraf is no ordinary head of state. As President of Pakistan since 1999, his is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and he continues to play a crucial role in the global war on terror. A one-time supporter of the Taliban, a general who fought in several wars, President Musharraf took a decisive turn against militant Islam in 2001. Since then he has survived two assassination attempts; rooted out militants in his own government; helped direct countless raids against al-Qaeda both in his cities and in the mountains; and tracked Osama bin Laden with technical and human intelligence. IN THE LINE OF FIRE is astonishingly revealing and honest about dozens of topics of intense interest to the world. Among its many revelations: exactly how Pakistani authorities tracked down and smashed three major al-Qaeda control centres in the mountains; how al-Qaeda’s many-layered structure was revealed after the assassination attempts; Bin Laden’s current position within the al-Qaeda hierarchy; what it has been like to deal with Bush and Blair; how Pakistan and India have avoided nuclear confrontation; and much more.
    ISBN: 9781416527787
    Publisher: POCKET BOOKS

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    Swept Aside tackles the lives of Christian working-class women from ?Chura? caste communities, who have historically been primarily employed as sanitation workers in Pakistan. As Ayra Indrias Patras tells us, ?Christians, who are less than 5% of the Lahore city?s population, make up more than 80% of the sanitation workforce?, not only because of historical recruitment but contemporary recruitment policies which understand sanitation work as a ?traditional caste occupation.? The book critically describes and analyses the histories and structural forces that shape Christian communities as religious minorities and oppressed caste communities. This includes stigmatisation within the larger Christian community, particularly from middle and upper-class Christian elites and church leaders who desire to obscure the caste connotations of Christian identity. The book examines these histories, inequities, and discrimination from within the lived experiences of women. It tackles how caste discrimination and structures are woven into and continue to be reproduced in contemporary Pakistan.

    Swept Aside documents histories of caste discrimination in the past, present and possible future, but in a way that grounds Chura communities in their own spaces, words and lives. It addresses the structures of the past but also how contemporary forms of privatisation re-encode caste relations.

    Dr Ayra Indrias Patras is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Forman Christian College, A Chartered University, Lahore. Her research interests include marginalised identities, gender and human rights. This book is based on her doctoral research lying in the intersection of gender, caste and labour and the impact of such intersectionality on female janitorial workers in Lahore.


    ISBN: 9789697342747


    ?We Take Our Cities with Us is an exquisite memoir, a dazzling exploration of time, place, and self. I loved it.?

    ?With grace and power, this mesmerizing memoir swirls from continent to continent, decade to decade, through a journey of identity, memory, loyalty, and loss. Part map, part family tree, We Take Our Cities with Us provides an intimate glimpse into what it means to make a home in the global modern age. Sorayya Khan is an exquisite storyteller.?

    ?This extraordinary memoir traverses a deeply personal terrain dotted with questions of identity, culture, and belonging. Khan engrosses the reader with myriad journeys, histories, and piercing insights. Thoroughly gratifying.?

    Even when we leave them, our cities never leave us. After her Dutch mother?s death, Sorayya Khan confronts her grief by revisiting their relationship, her parents? lives, and her own Pakistani Dutch heritage in a multicultural memoir that unfolds over seven cities and three continents. We Take Our Cities with Us ushers us from Khan?s childhood independence forged at her grandparents? home in Lahore; to her adolescence in Pakistan?s new capital, Islamabad; to Syracuse and Ithaca, New York, where Khan finds her footing as the mother of young, brown sons in post-9/11 America; to her birthplace, Vienna, where her parents die; and finally to Amsterdam and Maastricht, the cities of her mother?s conflicted youth. In Khan?s gripping telling of her immigrant experience, she shows us what it is to raise children and lose parents in worlds other than your own. Drawing on family history, geopolitics, and art in this stunning story of loss, identity, and rediscovery, Khan beautifully illuminates the complexities of our evolving global world and its most important constant: love.