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    Earth science is a challenging and, ultimately, rewarding branch of science that is more than merely a collection of facts and definitions- it is a way to understand the history of the planet as the global system of land, sea, air, ice and life. Encyclopedia of Earth Science is a fine contribution to the scientific literature, articulated at a level and presented in a format ideal for high school and colleges’ students and general readers. In addition to the broad sub disciplines of Earth Science – such as oceanography, structural geology, weather, climate and geomorphology – the book also provides information on concepts, theories and hypotheses, places and events, and the major periods of geological time, as well as technology and instruments, people who have made significant contributions to the field, occupations and careers, organizations, and field locations.

    With approximately 700 cross-referenced entries, most of which conclude with sources for further reading, the encyclopedia features 19 prose essays, interspersed throughout the text, that discuss the formation of Earth and the solar system, life on Mars, coping with the sea level rise in coastal cities, earthquake warning systems, and other topical issues. Enhanced by more than 200 black-and-white illustrations, photographs, and charts, entries include

    Asteroid convection and the Earth’s mantle Charles Darwin El Nino and the Southern Oscillation (ENSO) flood . Mass extinctions geochronology metamorphism greenhouse effect Rocky Mountains Himalaya Mountains jet streams life’s origins and early evolution mass extinctions metamorphism Rocky Mountains storm surges uniformitarianism volcanic bomb

    The encyclopedia also includes five helpful appendixes-the Periodic Table of Elements, the Geologic Time Scale, Classifications of Species, Solar System Data, and Evolution of Life and the Atmosphere-as well as extensive index
    ISBN: 8130902354
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS


    ISBN: 9781680951158