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    Given the extraordinary amount of attention paid to issues involving the environment, students, researchers, and otheinterested in environmental science need a comprehensive source of accurate and clearly written information to address the issues that will affect the future of the planet.

    Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies, New Edition is an expanded, up-to-date edition of the acclaimed encyclopedia and now features more than 4,000 A-to-Z entries- 1,000 more than previously- that reflect the diverse disciplines within the field of environmental studies. Influenced by current syllabi from university programs across the country, this edition’s new and /or revised entries reflect the shift in emphasis from the scientific approach of 1980s environmental studies to the more issue-based approach that includes the social sciences and humanities. The authonoted environmental writeand activists include helpful information on key environmental issues, organizations, and personalities having an impact on the environment movement.

    New entries to this edition include anti-environmentalism the Conservation and Research Foundation ecotourism forest types Human population trends medical waste pest control soil conservation toxic chemicals water power

    In addition to more than 75 new or updated line illustrations, the encyclopedia features new and revised statistics, maps, diagrams, tables, schematics, graphs, cross-references, and extensive bibliography.
    ISBN: 8130902362
    Publisher: VIVA BOOKS


    ISBN: 0521011094


    The Prophetic traditions of Islam, which are commonly referred to as the hadiths (literally: ‘reports’), preserve the sum and substance of the utterances, deeds, directives, and descriptive anecdotes connected with the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his Companions. Together with the Qur’an, the hadiths provide the religion of Islam with its principal scriptural sources

    The collection features an accessible and informative introduction which presents an outline of the significance of the hadiths within the religious tradition while also reviewing classical scholarship devoted to the literature of the traditions; moreover, the introduction decisively sets into context the academic debates and arguments which are fleshed out in the articles selected. It also charts developments in the academic study of hadiths, summing up the current state of the field and features a detailed bibliography listing primary classical sources germane to the field of Prophetic traditions together with recent research monographs and articles devoted to the subject.
    ISBN: 9780415473989
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE