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    ISBN: 9781138127043
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE


    A history of Islamic Philosophy by Majid Fakhry is the first comprehensive survey of Islamic philosophy from the seventh century to the present. It traces the development of Islamic philosophy and its impact on various aspects of Muslim cultural life. The book shows how, as the Islamic world began to confront foreign cultures, scholastic theology, known in Arabic as Kalam, arose as a direct by product of interaction with Greek and Christian philosophy. Mysticism (Arabic Sufism) in both its extravagant form, as conditioned by Hindu thought, or its indigenous moderate form, is discussed at length.

    The book examines the rise of pan-Islamism in modern times and the many currents it has generated, including secularism and fundamentalism, which are still pitted against each other throughout the Muslim world. It also considers the way in which Islamic philosophy assimilated and expanded the Greek philosophical legacy, which eventually found its way to Western Europe after centuries of near-total oblivion.

    This third revised edition, which includes masterful translations of texts never before available in English, has been updated and expanded to reflect current events and recent Islamic scholarship.
    ISBN: 0231132212

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    Power Systems is the latest collection of searing insights from intellectual superstar Noam Chomsky.

    In this new collection of conversations, conducted from 2010 to 2012, Noam Chomsky explores the most immediate and urgent concerns: the future of democracy in the Arab world, the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the ‘class war’ fought by U.S. business interests against working people and the poor, the breakdown of mainstream political institutions and the rise of the far right.

    The latest volume from a long-established, trusted partnership, this collection shows once again that no interlocutor engages with Chomsky more effectively than David Barsamian. These interviews will inspire a new generation of readers, as well as longtime Chomsky fans eager for his latest thinking on the many crises we now confront, both at home and abroad. They confirm that Chomsky is an unparalleled resource for anyone seeking to understand our world today.

    Praise for Noam Chomsky:

    ‘One of the finest minds of the twentieth century’ New Yorker

    ‘Noam Chomsky is a global phenomenon . . . he may be the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet today’ New York Times Book Review

    ‘Will there ever again be a public intellectual who commands the attention of so many across the planet?’ New Statesman

    ‘The west’s most prominent critic of US imperialism . . . the closest thing in the English-speaking world to an intellectual superstar’ Guardian

    Noam Chomsky is the author of numerous bestselling political books, including Hegemony or Survival, Failed States, Interventions, What We Say Goes, Hopes and Prospects and, most recently, Occupy, all of which are published by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. He is a professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT, and is widely credited with having revolutionized modern linguistics.

    David Barsamian is the award-winning founder and director of Alternative Radio. He has authored several books of interviews with leading political thinkers.
    ISBN: 9780241965245
    Publisher: PENGUIN BOOK


    What is right? What is wrong? How do we decide? To a remarkable extent, our decision-making is determined by the origins of the ethical ideas that we employ and the history of their development. A Short History of Ethics is widely acknowledged as the perfect introduction to the subject, presenting in concise form an insightful yet exceptionally complete history of moral philosophy in the west from the Greeks to contemporary times. In clear and readable prose Alasdair MacIntyre, one of the finest living philosophers, leads the reader towards a greater understanding of what lies behind our ethical decisions.
    ISBN: 0415287499
    Publisher: ROUTLEGE


    It is hard to overestimate the importance of the contribution made by Dame Frances Yates to the serious study of esotericism and the occult sciences. To her work can be attributed the contemporary understanding of the occult origins of much of western scientific thinking, indeed of western civilization itself. The Occult Philosophy of the Elizabethan Age was her last book, and in it she condensed many aspects of her wide learning to present a clear, penetrating, and, above all, accessible survey of the occult movements of the Renaissance, highlighting the work of John Dee, Giordano Bruno, and other key esoteric figures. The book is invaluable in illuminating the relationship between occultism and Renaissance thought, which in turn had a profound impact on the rise of science in the seventeenth century. Stunningly written and highly engaging, Yates’ masterpiece is a must-read for anyone interested in the occult tradition.
    ISBN: 0415254094
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE

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    The philosophy of religion and theology are related to the culture in which they have developed. These disciplines provide a source of values and vision to the cultures of which they are part, while at the same time they are delimited and defined by their cultures.This book compares the ideas of two contemporary philosophers, John Hick and Seyyed Hossein Nasr, on the issues of religion, religions, the concept of the ultimate reality, and the notion of sacred knowledge.On a broader level, it compares two world-views: the one formed by Western Christian culture, which is religious in intention but secular in essence; the other Islamic, formed through the assimilation of traditional wisdom, which is turned against the norms of secular culture and is thus religious both in intention and essence.
    ISBN: 0700710256
    Publisher: CURZON